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I, like other people got ripped off by Federal Resume Experts.

I was looking for a resume writers on google. i saw their adds and promises, and how good they are.I paid them $205.00 for resume $49.95 life time ksa and questioneir, and $50.00 to expedite my resume.


After I paid them. they asked for my current Resume or my job information

I e-meiled them my resume and that was the last time I heard from them.

I e-mailed them 12 times Looking for my Resume. I called them 5 times and left massages. nobody called or answered. until the day after the job was expired. I recieved and e-mail.

they charged 50.00 for KSA. which they said I did not Need it

they charged $ 50.00 to expedite. they did not do

they charged $205.00 to write my resume, they send my own Exact Resume Back with a one page pre drafted information that 95% of it was not related to the job I was applying for, these pages are available on line as a sample resume FOR FREE.

they send pre drafted General cover letter with my name on top.

which I could get the better one from Micro soft office in my computer.

they send pre drafted general experiance information. that you have to change it to match your job.( available free on line )

and OF COURSE. they including THE FEDERAL RESUME EXPERTS TERM AND CONDITION. in this economic time we all having a hard time that is why we are looking for job. and this people escrewed me out of my almost last $305.00 and I could not apply for the job because i had no Resume. and top that with this. I had a call from my bank fraud prevention department to verify the charges was attempted on my card from

DC. area for $649.00 on line clothing from UK.and $217.00 another online purchases. How could I be in west coast and the same time making on line purchases from DC, area. this people are the last people i gave them my card number to, and they are in DC. Area

FEDERAL RESUME EXPERTS ARE 100% ON LINE SCAM and Fraud. BE CAREFULL. THEY RIPP YOU OFF Too, most of all Becarefull who you are goving your information to. GOOD LUCK.

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This company ripped me off too. They took my old resume from five yrs ago and just copied it and sent it back to me with no work experience since 2007.

I was a child care provide then starting a new nursing career and I should have gotten a resume with my icu nurse experience but they gave me back one with my childcare experience. They just copied it Nd my government letter and sent it back. Then it went into my junk mail and they said because I didn't write them back the day they sent it that my warranty is void. It was a mess.

250 and the ksa they said I didn't need this time but charged me. It's been a nightmare.

They are 100% fraud. U can never reach them by phone to complain.they screen there calls.

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