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My story is a repeat of the others,they cut and pasted the things I had written into a format that didn't even fit the words that were written. They had left off training that was listed etc..

When I contacted Bryce my editor he just refered me to the muilti page disclaimer. If they would put as much effort into writing peoples resumes as their disclaimer they wouldn't be getting these type of reviews.They could care less about you or your resume only your money. I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and the states Attorney General Office.

Maybe this will prevent others from losing their hard earned money. Yes, I am Pissed!!!

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I purchased my resume and cover letter in Dec 2010. Two months went by I didn’t hear anything back.

So I wrote to the writer, Gabrielle. She said I needed to provide additional information on my new job. On March 02, she said she has everything she needed and she promised to send me the resume asap. However, I still haven’t received anything (March 21) now.

So I wrote to the writer again and the to see what the status is. Heather R. Todd from customer service (from 1-on 1 wrote back to me with very unprofessional, nasty e mail.

Not only they didn’t refund the fees, they took my money for (resume + cover) in Dec, but also she insulted me in the e mails. I regretted for using their site and

Please beaware of them, use other sites instead.


I just got ripped off 250 by some guy calling himself Bryce. I am also gone to call the attorney's general office and BBB.

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